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bhagsu waterfall
Bhagsu waterfall

Bhagsu is a small, but spectacular settlement nestled in the Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. Situated not far from Dharamsala and McLeodganj, which are the places that attract most people, including followers of the Dalai Lama, Bhagsu is quieter, with the majestic beauty of the Himalaya to be glimpsed at every turn. Its charms draw foreign tourists in large numbers, and you cannot miss the overwhelming influence of the young Israelis who come here and stay for months. You’ll hear Hebrew everywhere and come across cafés selling Israeli breakfasts and falafel. All of this makes an exploration of Bhagsu off-beat and fascinating.

While it’s a place of tranquillity offering travelers the opportunity to slow down and relax, there’s also lots you can do in Bhagsu, including outdoor adventures. The main attraction here is the Bhagsu waterfall which is a must-see. This also makes it quite crowded and touristy. But once you get past the line-up of souvenir shops and eateries, you’ll be greeted by a fabulous view of a valley cloaked in shades of green with prayer flags fluttering all around.

The Bhagsu Falls leaps from the lower Dhauladhar ranges, and the water here is considered sacred. It flows on, making a gushing stream, and you’ll find monks washing their robes. If you want to spend some time just chilling here, there are cafés, snack stalls and hookah lounges around the plunge pool. The more adventurous climb up from the waterfall, taking a flight of steps, to reach Shiva Café. This is a favorite nightspot and is usually crowded with backpackers. Besides visiting Bhagsu’s famous waterfall, you can take challenging trekking routes, go for mountain biking or just stroll up and down the steep streets, taking in the charming natural scenery and absorbing the local culture and everyday life of Bhagsu. If you are looking for a quick winter break that leaves you utterly refreshed and rejuvenated, then Bhagsu ticks all the boxes.


  • See the waterfall Bhagsu waterfall is a must-see when you visit this Himalayan abode. Be prepared for crowds, but you can also find little corners of serenity in the region above the waterfall. Or, do what the tourists do—take a dip in the cold waters of the plunge pool and hop into one of the nearby cafés and get yourself a beer and something to eat.
  • Go trekking Pack your trekking gear when you plan a trip to Bhagsu. The undulating terrain affords adventure seekers various challenging routes. Taking the mountain routes to different vantage points where you can take in the sweeping vistas is one of the pleasures of being outdoors in Bhagsu.
  • Keep calm and meditate The serenity of Bhagsu invites you to step back from the hustle-bustle of every day, slow down and meditate. This is the vibe generated by the presence of the Dalai Lama, the monks, the monasteries and the prayer flags in this region. Take a course in meditation during your break here. Classes in Reiki and other healing therapies are also to be found in Bhagsu. Find a quiet spot and do some yoga, too. It’s all guaranteed to make it a rejuvenating break.
  • Volunteer Be a responsible traveler and make a difference. There are lots of possibilities to volunteer for a good cause while you are in Bhagsu. Outfits such as the Lha Charitable Trust works with Tibetan refugees, and you can pitch in. Other organizations work on the environment—cleaning the hiking trails, for instance. It’s an excellent way to get a workout and feel good at the same time.
  • Eat local Taste the local cuisines, among which everyone now counts Israeli as well! On the route from Jogiwara to Bhagsu, you’ll find stalls selling thukpa, fried sausages and other dishes peculiar to this part of the Himalaya. Besides this, you’ll find Italian, Japanese and another international fare here. And don’t forget the falafel at the Israeli restaurants!


Drive McLeod Ganj is 10 hours by road from Delhi. From there, you can either walk or take an auto to Bhagsu.

Stay Hotel Bhagsu, run by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department, is an affordable accommodation option. There are also more upscale choices. Digs for backpackers are aplenty in Bhagsu as well.

Tip Bhagsu is bitingly cold during winter and may receive snowfall too. Do go equipped with warm clothing suitable for Himalayan temperatures.

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