How Do You Calculate How Much Time You Need For Your Trip?

How Do You Calculate How Much Time You Need For Your Trip?With 196 countries stretched around the planet’s 47,000-kilometre girth, it would take several lifetimes to see it all and do it all. Almost everywhere you go, you’ll meet travellers who will tell you about amazing places you won’t have time to visit. The truth is, you won’t know how long you’ll want to go for until you get out there. Your best defence, therefore, is to try to carve out as much time as you can for your trip beforehand, since it’s easier to come back early than try to push back deadlines once you’re on the move.

If you already know how long you’ve got, you should be thinking about the pace of your trip. How many countries, cities, festivals, courses, jobs and so on should you try to tackle in that amount of time? While it may not be a scientific formula, a good guideline is this: don’t plan more than four major activities per month in advance. (Sorry, visiting India does not count as a single activity. Nor does visiting a region. But things like a two-day cooking class, the short stay with a relative, a few days exploring a major city and a hiking trip do.) If you plan to see, say, Paris and Rome in June, that doesn’t mean you just see these two cities. It means you get to make up the rest of your plans on the move as you travel between them. This approach allows for ample flexibility, plus any transport delays you may encounter.

A year off has a nice ring to it. Besides, most round-the-world tickets are designed with that as an upper limit. It almost seems like this is the length of time society and the travel industry has deemed appropriate. Much shorter and you may get accused by “hardcore” travellers of not getting a real taste of the road. Much longer and people back home may start to think you’ve completely lost it. Even if you have to be back in a year, better to tell people (and yourself) that you’re returning when you’re ready. It’s not worth keeping going just to reach an imaginary time limit, or cutting your trip short just when you find a great travel job or fall in love.

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