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Top Things To Do In KasauliThe British certainly knew how to pick the best spots to establish cantonment towns and hill resorts to which they could escape in summer. Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district was one such. Situated at nearly 2000 m above sea level, it enjoys a salubrious climate in summer, with temperatures plunging quite sharply in winter. You should go here for the cool climes, the green hills and the deep forests. Take long walks along wooded paths or hit a challenging trek. There’s spectacular scenery at every turn in this hill retreat blessed with natural beauty.

Start your explorations at Monkey Point, one of the town’s most popular attractions. It’s the highest point here and the perfect place to enjoy great views, including that of the River Sutlej. Monkey Point is also wrapped in mythology and connected to the epics. It is believed that Hanuman rested here while carrying the Sanjeevani, a healing herb for Lakshman. There’s a temple dedicated to Hanuman at the peak of this hill. Like most colonial cantonment towns, much of the action in Kasauli centres around the Mall. Here there are two— the Upper and Lower Malls. The Upper Mall still exudes some of the charms of its colonial legacy. The Lower Mall is more bustling, where you can head to sample affordable street food and the local cuisine, including Tibetan specialities. Here, you can also go shop for Tibetan handicrafts.

Kasauli is great for walking, given the gorgeous weather and the scenic splendour of the place. The Gilbert Trail is a narrow path, bordering a green expanse. It’s located off the main road and runs for just under two kilometres. Walk along the Gilbert Trail and take in the panorama around. This route is also popular with keen bird-watchers. Dharampur, located about 10 km from Kasauli, is a stop for the toy train— another colonial era symbol. Hop in and travel to Barog, another lovely little hill station. Dharampur also has a range of local eating joints.

Kasauli is home to one of the country’s oldest breweries. Old Monk fans will be delighted to know that this is where their favourite tipple comes from. To get away from the bustle of Kasauli, head to the Bon Monastery, 50 km away. One of the oldest Bon monasteries in this part of the country, it occupies a picturesque location and is a great place to introspect, meditate or simply slow down and take in the surrounding serenity. So, whether it’s the bustle of the Mall, shopping and savouring street food, or the quiet relaxation of a Himalayan break that you are looking for, Kasauli fits the bill.



Drive It’s a five-hour drive from Delhi to Kasauli with some pretty scenery as you near your destination.

Stay If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation, check into the Forest Ville Hotel & Resort with nice views.

Shop In the Upper and Lower Malls you can find an array of Tibetan handicrafts, such as shawls.



Top Things To Do In KasauliThere are many things to do in Kasauli. There is a checklist for you to do in Kasauli following as:-

  • Hit the trails Kasauli is an excellent place for challenging treks. The bracing weather and the terrain make it a trekking hotspot. So, put on those walking shoes and go.
  • Get adventurous Midsummer, Kasauli attracts scores of adventure seekers. One of the most popular activities is paragliding which is available at Dagshari, situated 12 km from Kasauli town.
  • Go camping With all that natural beauty, you don’t need an excuse to enjoy the outdoors. Several operators offer camping breaks. So, spend a night in a tent and feel close to nature.
  • Ride the toy train Children of all ages love the toy train. Hop aboard at Dharampur and enjoy the ride.
  • Eat local You get very good Tibetan fare in Kasauli. Check out the momos and thukpa in the Lower Mall. It’s the perfect thing to get you warm after an afternoon of trekking in the hills.

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